Lecturer tweets "fuck every single cop". Auburn University considered this "hate speech" and threatened consequences. FIRE intervened on behalf of the First Amendment.

Every person who thinks "hate speech" should not be protected by the First Amendment invariably thinks their own speech could never be considered "hateful".

They are wrong.

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Here’s something I should’ve never needed to tell my next of kin,

“If I’m ever incapacitated and you have to consent to medical treatment, no medical students are to touch me because they tend to practice pelvic exams on the unconscious regardless of the reason for treatment. Also, I explicitly do not consent to unnecessary pelvics. Make it known that I WILL pursue medical battery/sexual assault charges.”

Yet I have had that conversation and he has his marching orders just in case.

Shouldn’t need a fucking bodyguard at the hospital.

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"boy mode", "girl mode"
buddy just you're just living

The revelation is not that McLaughlin is an evil white woman who appropriated the identity of a LGB Native American, though it can be seen that way.

To me, it's that when everyone thought she was a bisexual Hopi woman, even though she said the same words and was an activist for the same cause, she experienced far less scrutiny than as a cishet white woman.

This episode reveals how much casual white woman hate exists out of proportion to what people say and do.

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Allison Bailey
"Happy Monday everyone. So, when the usual suspects spout their usual nonsense about the gender critical movement in the UK being an extension of white feminism etc, remind them that *every* key case before the courts right now is being brought by women of colour.
Maya Fostater @Mforstater
Raquel Rosario-Sànchez @8RosarioSanchez
Keira Bell
Sonia Appleby
Now consider the key names who denounce “white feminism” & champion trans politics. White men. Every last one of them. It would be funny if it wasn’t so expletive, expletive."

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How to ruin your life in three easy steps:
1. Go to sleep at 2am.
2. Go to sleep at 4am.
3. Go to sleep at 5.30am.


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I've used this article (below) several times now in discussions with progressive, left-wing men, and pro-gender theory feminists who use the term 'Terf' (or call me one).

It's an excellent analysis by linguist Debbie Cameron, systematically assessing whether 'Terf' should be considered a slur. Surprise - it meets most of the criteria for being a slur, and is well on its way to meeting them all.

I think it's particularly useful because it really seems to stop these people in their tracks. They really don't like reasoned evidence that they are sexist.

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Saw the video in question. No matter how absolutely awful TRAs treat me, i will never cheer for the death of trans people. I condemn such behavior. I genuinely do not want them to be hurt (the majority of their problems come from MEN btw, not women, just a reminder), I merely wish to uphold scientific reality and protect women and girls from males in the form of transwomen. I do not want them to be killed or harmed and I would stand against anyone who did want that on the basis of them being trans, and not because they have a valid reason like self defense or defense of another.

Again, I can only speak for myself, but the majority of radfems I’ve encountered (if not all I’ve encountered) are also against violence against trans-identified males (and TIFs). Radical feminism is not at all synonymous with the alt right, nor with right-wing politics in general. Correct me if I’m wrong, but radical feminism and right wing politics are mutually exclusive.

(And no, I’m not saying all right wing people are cheering for the death of transwomen either. But the correlation is made a lot.)

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