Allergies griping 

The price I pay for living in such a lush and fecund land (Michigan) is wishing I didn't have a nose or sinuses for multiple months, every year.

We do things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy.

My favourite swipe typo of the day: "Norse cancelling headphones". Presumably that means Bluetooth is turned off.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is insufficiently documented

What do you call a chicken who crosses the road, rolls in the mud, and then crosses back again? A dirty double-crosser.

The largest known Supermassive Black Hole compared to our solar system

what's wild to me is that the exact people in education theory who will talk your ear off about growth mindset vs fixed mindset will also ask students to report their learning style as though, for many students, "i'm an X learner," won't immediately become a belief about their own learning used to justify disengaging from a lesson if they're struggling with it

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Stablecoin is collapsing? How am I supposed to pay my horses now???

Today I will spend most of the day looking at the Event Horizon Telescope image of Sgr A*!

This is the first direct image of the emission immediately outside of our Milky Way’s central supermassive black hole!!!

The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule. - H. L. Mencken

Your Computer Isn't Yours - Slashdot

Security researcher Jeffrey Paul, writes in a blog post: On modern versions of macOS, you simply can't power on your computer, launch a text editor or eBook reader, and write or read, without a log of your activity being transmitted and stored. It turns out that in the current version of the macOS, ...

Oh, HP, never change.

First you tricked people with a fake "security update," that blocked cheap ink, then you invented rented ink, and now
you've redefined "free ink for life" to mean "$0.99/month, forever, or else."

One thing I really don't get about open social networks is "defederation" craze (on Diaspora it is more known as "shadowbanning") which is when one server blocks communication with another one.

I can get it when it happens as the last resort measure against spam attacks or other malicious interference but why on Earth any user would want it otherwise?

Would someone want cars hardwired not to drive to certain areas at all? Music players with censorship built-in blocking certain types of sounds from being played? E-mail which refuses to deliver messages to certain addresses?

There is damn blocklist (some platforms also have mute and ignore), use these as you like and stop your spreading your #fediblock bullshit. It is plain harmful for the network.

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