No matter who you vote for as President, I think the key to preventing insanity is going to be to keep Congress divided. Let Democrats have the House and Republicans the Senate.

This will prevent "court packing" and extremists on both sides from ramming through their favorite authoritarian power grabs. Any laws that get passed will have to be acceptable to both sides, which means compromise, which means moderation and a return to democracy.

Aim for a deadlocked government.

Never forget: Iran sentenced this man to DEATH for writing a book that offended people. India banned the book as a "hate crime".

The Satanic Verses was a finalist for the Booker Prize in 1988. It's literature.

One man's offensive book is another man's art.

One thing I really don't get about open social networks is "defederation" craze (on Diaspora it is more known as "shadowbanning") which is when one server blocks communication with another one.

I can get it when it happens as the last resort measure against spam attacks or other malicious interference but why on Earth any user would want it otherwise?

Would someone want cars hardwired not to drive to certain areas at all? Music players with censorship built-in blocking certain types of sounds from being played? E-mail which refuses to deliver messages to certain addresses?

There is damn blocklist (some platforms also have mute and ignore), use these as you like and stop your spreading your #fediblock bullshit. It is plain harmful for the network.

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